In addition to the interior decoration, another element that determines the style of the living space is the garden decoration. Well, is garden decoration limited to furniture choices? Of course no! Garden lighting is undoubtedly the most important part of garden decoration. Gardens, which have a brilliant appearance with daylight during the day, need a functional and aesthetic lighting setup at night. So what should a useful garden lighting look like? Which products should be used in garden lighting and how?

With the garden lighting tips we will share so that you can create a beautiful environment with the right light in your garden, you can make the right lighting choice for your garden more easily.

Garden Lighting with LED Products

Garden lighting can be set up in many different ways with LED technology. For example; You can use LED products that provide ground lighting in areas such as stair steps, walkways. In addition, you can make stylish decorative designs with LED lights on the garden walls. You can enrich a garden wall enriched with ivy with a soft light by using LED strips that light up from the ground.

Decorative and Useful Garden Lighting Sconces

Just like indoor lighting, you may need to use fixtures that are compatible with the decoration style for garden lighting. For this, you should take care to establish a relationship between the garden lighting sconces, decorative lanterns, street lamps and other garden lighting fixtures and the decoration style of your garden. Whichever area you want to highlight in your garden, you can apply an extremely stylish and functional lighting by placing the garden sconces symmetrically in this area. If the seating area is important to you, you can illuminate the wall surface behind the seats with decorative wall lights or LEDs. Or you can create a magnificent view in your garden by covering an empty wall by the pool with natural stone and decorating it with decorative appliques.